Working on a Little Side Venture

It is going to be a tough thing, but I have been working on a little side project here. My boss knows about it and I do not think he cares, or at least he just told me to keep it rigorously separated from what I do at the office. Of course he does not want to have me use the company secretarial services and so I am going to try to figure out if I can hire a temporary worker of some sort. It is a bit of a weird thing, since I have very limited needs. For instance I need to have a person to answer the phone for me, but that person is not going to have a lot else for them to do. So if you pay a secretary to sit in front of the phone for the whole day, while she is only working for a rather short period of time, then that really does not make a whole lot of sense.

The solution is to work out of what they call a virtual office. You would get a receptionist, but she would be working for you and for a number of other places, all of them with similar needs to you. They must sit there with half a dozen phones in front of you, and they have to remember that your phone is this one and not the other one. I am not really sure how it works exactly, but it is obvious that this is what I need. The boss is actually somewhat interested in what I am doing, but I think he wonders if the company should have come up with the same idea first. It makes a lot of sense, since all of our customers are in need of what I am selling.